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Run Lab Rat Run

Run Lab Rat Run Cover

From the Cover

Media’s eyebrows were once blue for nine weeks, her bones nearly dissolved and she spent a month smelling like salted pork, but no one ate her and she never died. She came close enough to require CPR and a genomic flush on several occasions, but she’s nearly indestructible. That’s what they told her on the bad days in the lab, but she knew it was a lie.

Genetic test subjects like her usually died by thirty, and they always died in pain.

But on her 21st birthday, she’s given a chance to escape the lab—she just has to run in the deadliest race on Earth so the company that owns her can do illegal off-book testing on her. If she finishes the race, and the tests work, she and her family will be safe and she might live forever. If she doesn’t, they’ll be deoptimized and dumped back, in natural slums to starve and die. In her world, the worst thing to be is merely human.

Or is it?


Release Date: August, 2021

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Critical Praise

“Shawn Butler presents us with a glimpse into this possible future in an entertaining tale of an athletic competition gone mad.” – Lazarus Lake (aka Gary Cantrell), Founder of the Barkley Marathons

“I was instantly immersed in the book. Such fantastic, descriptive language without  being verbose. Written so that it was a scarily believable future. A strong female lead who is also beautifully flawed such that we can empathise with her.” – Isobel Ross, Ultra Runner & Coach

“Shawn has more talent than 99% of the writers on Amazon. But I can’t let him quote me because then everyone will want a quote.” – Anonymous NYT Best Selling Author (Seriously)

“This book is more disturbing than my last lobotomy, and twice as effective.” – Self Trepination Council

“I’ve never read this book. Reading’s for geeks. Except my books, which are the best books. This book sounds like it was written by a pointy-headed elitist libtard who cares about people. Probably a whiny little bitch.” – Ex-President Donald Trump

“Thank God Shawn found something to do in his spare time.” – Shawn’s Mom


Run Lab Rat Run was originally called Modified, as it’s core message is about what it means to be genetically engineered. What does “human” mean, and how will we share the planet with bioengineering humans who are, possibly, far superior physically and mentally to our “natural” selves. Will we have a caste system, a hierarchy analogous to white supremacy, with the most modified on top?

Those questions and many more occurred to me when CRISPR was introduced to the world. CRISPR offered new way of genetically modifying pretty much anything, cheaply and easily. It’s obvious that within a few years, and far less than a generation, human beings will be editing themselves–first for disease resistance, then for genetic anomalies, and then for, well, whatever we want. If that doesn’t scare you, you’re not paying attention. Run Lab Rat Run is about one very possible world where value is determined by degrees of modification; a world I sincerely hope we do not choose.

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