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Beasts of Sonara – Coming Soon!

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From the Cover

The most powerful creature who ever lived is origin of the Fountain of Youth myth…and a mass murderer?

Tourist surfer Raymond Molina finds the body of a young doctor in the Costa Rican bay, the apparent victim of a shark attack. But no one knows how she got there. Ray tries to find the truth behind her death and stumbles on one of the best kept secrets in the natural world–the origin of the Fountain of Youth Myth–and the possible source of the most deadly disease the world has ever seen.

As he gets closer to a truth hidden by the entire town of Sonara, the biggest threats come not from the beasts of Sonara–animals unknown anywhere else in the world–but a massive biotech company and the woman he thought he was falling in love with. And behind it all is a creature with the power to cure disease…or cause it.


Release Date: November 2021

Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs): Coming Soon!

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It’s hard to describe what inspired Beasts without giving too much away, but…one thing I loved about old movies and TV series like King Kong and Land of the Lost was the concept that there was still power and magic in nature if you just knew where to look. And sometimes that magic is just biology we don’t yet understand. Beasts is about what happens when that biology creates power, and that power threatens to change almost everything we know about the world.

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