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Beasts of Sonara

From the Cover

They can save millions of lives,
if she doesn’t kill them first

Tourist Raymond Molina finds the body of a young biologist in a Costa Rican bay—apparent victim of a shark attack—but no one knows how she got there. As Ray searches for what really happened to her, he stumbles onto the best kept secret in the natural world.

This is a secret hidden for centuries by residents of the coastal town of Sonara, protected by intelligent but violent animals unknown anywhere else on earth, and coveted by a massive biotech company that will do anything to discover the truth—no matter the cost.

And behind it all is a creature with the power to cure disease, all disease…or kill everyone on earth.


Release Date: November 12, 2021

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It’s hard to describe what inspired Beasts without giving too much away, but…one thing I loved about old movies and TV series like King Kong and Land of the Lost was the concept that there was still power and magic in nature if you knew where to look. And sometimes that magic is just biology we don’t yet understand. Beasts is about what happens when that biology creates power, and that power threatens to change almost everything we know about the natural world.

Even More Inspiration

The town of Sonara is vaguely based on the village of Nosara, where I spent a few different trips surfing and generally having an amazing time with locals and retirees and pretty much everyone. They were  joyous, inspiring, formative trips that would probably never have happened without the invite of my friend Rusty, to whom I am forever grateful. You should visit Nosara, get a massage, do some yoga, go surfing, eat great food, drink a lot and generally embrace all that Pura Vida has to offer.  And yes, there is or was a “Coconut Harry” in Nosara, but he and the Harry in Beasts are in no way related…even if they both run cool surf shops.

If you’re wondering, Sonara kinda means “it will dream” in Spanish, if you’re feeling charitable (but more correctly, “it will sound”). So Beasts of Sonara sort of means beasts of future dreams, or maybe jeweled beasts in mangled Swahili. So many bad choices…

About the Cover

I came up with the cover on Canva, after a lot of idiocy and really bad ideas (which you might be able to see here on Pinterest). Designer Jayelle Morgan at DreamSaver Covers was kind and professional enough to take my concept to the finish line. Thank you!




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