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Beasts of Sonara – Milestones

This is an infrequently updated tracking page for various actions related to Beasts of Sonara, possibly of interest to other authors. Possibly not.

Major Milestones

Sep 2021 – Pre-Sale Version Published on Amazon

This was done soon after the release of Run Lab Rat Run as per suggestion of another author. Seems like best practice going forward.

Nov 3 – Kindle Categories Updated

Probably should have done this earlier. Added humor, action, and genetic engineering. Confirmed same day.

Nov 4 – Sandy from Reading Cafe Agreed to Review

This is great news. I’m hoping going forward she can be a reliable reviewer to plan on earlier in the process. For now, she’ll target a review on Dec 5, and I’ll need to deliver a guest SF post on the same date.

Nov 4 – Heather from Heather Barksdale Agreed to Review

Which is great, but review won’t be out until maybe May 2022. 😉

Nov 10 – Paperback Version Published

This got done sooner than expected, looking pretty nice…

Nov 12 – Kindle Version Published

Delayed b/c pre-publish date is not easily changed (?).

Nov 13 – First Bad Goodreads Rating (3*)

Unlike the 2* troll rating on RLRR, this looks like actually someone started reading on KU, DNF’d after about 30 pages and rated it 3* (still, this is a guess). Looking at his other books, I can see why; this had nothing to do with his regular reading preferences. I wonder if something mislead him? Either way, bad review accomplished. Won’t be the last.

Nov 14 – Various
Nov 17 – Goal: 1,000 Kindle Page Reads / Day

First time I’ve gotten this for one book. Got this yesterday for Beasts + RLRR combined. Not sure why, but it feels like Beasts sells itself better than RLRR. Maybe the cover? Maybe the niche? Probably both.

Nov 17 – Bookraid Promo for $0.99

Not a bad outcome. Cost around $10 for 49 clicks, resulting in 17 sales or less. (estimated). Good ROI on clicks, but not enough clicks.

Nov 26 (Black Friday) – Book Sends Promo for $0.99

Not fantastic results, but probably not bad given holiday distractions. Maybe 14 ebook and 2 paperbacks sold, plus a bump in KENP the next day (blue is RLRR, amber is Beasts):

All small change so far, but one can imagine this leading to growth with consistent marketing and more books over time.

Nov 28 – Mention in Eliot Peper’s Newsletter

Shawn Butler, a subscriber to this humble newsletter, published his second novel—a biotech thriller.

November Sales (Partial Month)

More total sales that RLRR (82 vs. 73) for the first month of release, but mostly kindle vs. paperback (reversed from friends and family sales of debut). Interestingly, KU page reads were much higher (8,585 vs. 3,566), which is probably because I ran the better promo sites closer together. Not at all sure how holidays affects all of this.

Mo Paper-back Kindle Paid Total Paid Free Kindle Total Units KENP Pages
Nov 18 64 82 0 82 8,586
Dec 5 – See RLRR Promo on ENT (Good)

Should do this for Beasts next.

Dec 6 – Review on Reading Cafe / Guest Post Published

Review published along with my guest post, and added to various sites. Thanks again to Sandy.

Dec 9 – Updated Keywords on Amazon

Using Publisher Rocket.

Dec – Book Cave & Other Promos

See tracking.

December Sales

Looking good so far. I’ll probably stop updating this after this month and move to more consolidating tracking elsewhere. Off to a good start, showing some growth, need to grow and and accelerate…

Mo Paper-back Kindle Paid Total Paid Free Kindle Total Units KENP Pages
Nov 18 64 82 0 82 8,586
Dec 5 81 86 0 86 15,881
2021 23 145 168 0 168 24,467

2022+ Tracking

Probably not updating much from now on. Too many little things to track.

Jan 29 – Book Review (Big Al’s)

Kind of a bummer of  review, but still worth a read for future reference.

May 2022 – Barksdale Review Published?


Goals & Pending Milestones

 TBD – Book Bub Promo

Check out as soon as launched. Rejected on first tries… 

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