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Ascendance – Coming Soon

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(A is for) Ascendance is first book in a series of Nathan Marks stand-alone, near-future science fiction mystery-thrillers about human society and the impacts of new and potentially deadly technologies. Will this series have the twenty-six books needed to be abecadarian? Only time will tell.

About Ascendance

Ascendance 3D v2Is a genetically engineered person human? If not, is it still a crime to kill…it?

Rich parents can travel to secret overseas clinics where they choose how their children are made–naturally or genetically designed.

Are these designer babies human beings or soulless abominations?

To solve a mass shooting, two investigators have to find who killed genetically modified children, and prove the killers committed a crime at all.


Release Date: 2023

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About the Cover

Ascendance Ebook Final (2)This cover was inspired by something I saw online about evolution. Designer Jayelle Morgan at DreamSaver Covers took that inspiration and made it real. Thank you!






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