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Modified Terms & Glossary

The following is partial glossary and reference for the Modified science fiction series, starting with Run Lab Rat Run, including some contextual terminology not used in the books themselves. Many terms also appear in the Modified timeline. For brevity, names and nicknames of Modified Marathons participants are or will be separately documented. Other resources are referenced at the bottom of this post.

Spoilers? There should be very few spoilers in this glossary, but a careful reading may reveal details of the novel that are not obvious. Note also that updates and edits to the book may mean that the terms shown here do not appear in RLRR or other novels.


Refers to any humanoid species created through genetic engineering or other means that is (a) based on human beings and able to reproduce with themselves but (b) not able to breed with natural humans. Alt-breeders are banned internationally, though experiments to create an alternative and genetically incompatible breeder class species continue in secret.

Book Note: Some believe that Media Conaill’s mother was the subject of unauthorized alt-breeder experiments.

Historical Note: The Crakers in Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake are often thought of as archetypal alt-breeders, an innocent and less violent humanoid species created to replace homo sapiens.

Alvarez v. USNPS

The ACLU sued the US National Park Service on behalf of a natural runner named Pedro Alvarez after his disqualification from the Badwater ultramarathon for being natural and thus thought unable to handle the race’s extreme conditions. The case went all the way to the US Supreme Court, where the ACLU lost in a 5-4 split decision that marked the first time any US court classified the modified as a superior and separate class of human being. Other international cases rapidly followed worldwide.


Any humanoid robot, synthetic or artificial entity with a human or animal appearance or skin. See the modified hierarchy. More.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Any created rather than naturally originating intelligence, or a near approximation thereof. All artificial intelligence is highly regulated by modified society for its own protection, including specific parameters for AI capacity and compatibility. Self-aware and fully cognitive AI, referred to as General AI, is illegal except under specific conditions. Most synthetics and all Personal Assistants have simulated and throttled AI, meaning that their artificial brains are theoretically incapable of self-awareness or higher-level cognitive functions. See human equivalence restrictions. More.

Anybot / Anymod / Anynat / Anyhom(one)

Variations on “anyone,” these are part of a whole class of linguistic changes to simplify distinctions between groups in modified society (a topic too broad to be covered here). Anybot refers to any non-biological group, anymod to any group of modified, while of course anynat refers to anyone in a group of naturals. The general tension is in referring to groups of people while being clear whether they are modified or not. Usage:

“Anynat who thinks that is crazy.”
“Have you seen anymod who wouldn’t buy that?”

These are related to less common terms such as modmanity, natmanity, etc.

Augmented (Class)

A hybrid class comprising any otherwise natural, breeder or terminal-class person with substantial technical or synthetic optimizations (previous called cyborgs). By convention and common practice, almost all augmented-class modified are considered elevated terminal-class, as their enhancements are not biologically transmissible. By similar if illogical convention, Personal Assistants are not considered sufficient modification to make anyone terminal-class (or everyone would be). See the modified hierarchy.

Barkley Marathons

Endurance race created in the late twentieth century to test the limits of (natural) human endurance. Almost never finished by pre-modified runners, the race was largely supplanted by the Modified Marathons once modified racers became the norm. Several aspects of the Marathons’ culture and much of its terminology is based on the original Barkley, despite some complaints that this taints the largely non- or even anti-commercial Barkley itself. For Barkley-specific terminology, go here. See ultramarathons.


Entry-level breeder-class genetic modification packages, which are highly regulated under international law. All baseline modifications must be compatible with human reproduction (i.e., cannot be alt-breeder), and open, meaning that all other breeder-class modifications must be compatible with any other baseline modification, regardless of source. See the modified hierarchy.


Specific line of miniaturized bears released by Nomanity as watch-bears and child companions, now commonly used to refer to any reduced-size bear. Nomanity and other companies have entire product lines of miniaturized fauna, from dogs to komodo dragons. See minicorns.


A genetic and mathematical discipline, bioencryption refers to an attempt to hide genetic or epigenetic information in (a) the publicly visible genome of living humans or (b) elsewhere in their cellular structures as unused DNA. The former part of the field has been fading for years due to the difficulty of hiding anything in plain sight with so little information to work with (as compared to mathematical encryption depending on enormous prime numbers). While it’s entirely possible to store massive amounts of information in unused cellular genetic data, which is often used in genetic courier services, but this has not helped genetics companies protect genetic IP once applied to the actual human genome–and has thus done nothing to prevent GIP issues

Book Note: Media Conaill’s father, Jacob, is one of the most successful scientists in the field.

Biology as a Service (BaaS)

Almost all biological modifications are provided as genetic subscriptions, and automatically deoptimize if not refreshed. Given the similarities between this licensing model and Software as a Service (SaaS), it’s common to refer to genetic modification systems as BaaS (Biology as a Service) or, less frequently, GaaS (Genetics as a Service) or MaaS (Modification as a Service). All terms remain in common circulation and are largely synonymous, though BaaS and GaaS usually exclude augmented-class changes.

The Black

Massive burn area left by uncontrolled arson fires that destroyed the towns of Banning, Beaumont, Cabazon and Cherry Valley during natural riots that reached from Coachella Valley outside Palm Springs to northern Riverside County. The area was declared a National Monument and never rebuilt, and not one of the thousands of bodies in the Black was ever officially recovered or buried. In natural parlance, “black” can refer to any horrible act committed by the modified against naturals, or even the innate character of the modified soul. There are equivalents of The Black in many countries around the world.

Black Flag

Legal term applied to information blacklisted for any group of synthetics or AIs. Having black flag knowledge is considered grounds for immediate termination or destruction of any artificial entity by Synthetic Overwatch. Providing black flag information or even building an intelligence capable of understanding black flag is a felony in all national signatories to various global protocols. All information related to black hole drone levitation is a specially black listed for national security purposes for human beings as well.

Black Hole Drones (BHDs)

Tennis-ball sized hovering drones created by a US military contractor and rapidly adapted for civilian use. Formal name is levitating near-zero albedo spherical drones (LNZASDs), which doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. They were originally created with radar-invisible shells as stealth monitoring systems. All information on BHD levitation is black flag. See tiny floating entities and tiny floating heads.

Brainjacks (Brainjacking)

Refers to a large set of malicious actions involving everything from illegal use of a Personal Assistant wireless data network to virtual sensory takeovers. Sometimes also refers to nominally beneficial uses including remote parental controls. Brainjacks have been used to induce seizures, plant false memories, encourage suicide, conduct terrorist attacks and more, and remain one of the greatest security concerns in modified society. For this reason, a small but significant group of the modified resist PA implants. Technically, docking is consensual observation-only brainjacking. Because PAs are often specialized AIs, they fall under the regulatory purview of Synthetic Overwatch. See PAPAC.

Breeder (Class)

Lowest major class of genetic modifications in modified society, including all baselines. Breeder-class modifications are highly regulated and must (a) be universally compatible with all other breeder-class modifications and the natural human genome and (b) be technically heritable if not limited by genetic subscriptions. The latter requirement is why most breeder genetic descriptions include concurrent sterilization, in order to protect corporate IP. See augmented and terminal class, and the modified hierarchy.


Refers to the core structure of androids and synthetics, as opposed to secondary after-market functions (e.g., synthetic gender) or external aesthetic layers (collectively called “skins” or “coatings“). Increasingly also used to refer to functional aspects of a modified body (e.g., strength, height) vs. aesthetic (e.g., color, age and even external gender). Modified will often speak of upgrading their chassis (e.g., increasing lung capacity) distinctly from modifying their skins (e.g., eye color) in a manner indistinguishable from synthetics. See synthetic envy.

Chrome Demon

Derogatory term for “grays,” the gray-skin-toned children of a small number of parents infected with the genetic contagion that led to the Chrome Wars. Grays have shark-gray skin, silver corneas, gray-white hair and a generally inhuman look that lead many to think of them as aliens or demons. Grays are vanishingly rare in contemporary modified society due to readily available if not required prenatal testing and legalized abortion. They are far more common among naturals, where they are discriminated against much like Blacks and other minorities of earlier times.

Chrome Wars

Race-related international wars of the mid-twenty-first century, caused by genetic contagion that randomized the races of children from infected parents. Covered separately, along with terms such as Chrome, Chrome Demon, Grey, Polychromatic, etc.


Exact biological replicas of any person or animal. Largely illegal except for brain-dead organ donor banking, though rumored to be popular in some countries as physical backups for rich clientele. And yet there has never officially been a full-consciousness transfer between human and clone. See fodder.

Closed vs. Open Genetic Systems

Some corporate modifications are created to be compatible only with other modifications from the same company, whereas as some companies have no such restrictions. Often the formal vs. factual distinction is moot, as there is no legal requirement to test compatibility, making mixed-brand-modifications (aka modmixing) dangerous or even fatal. One distinction of all baseline and most breeder modifications is that they are must be both open and universally compatible, and thus require far more human testing any other set of modifications.

Combat Models

Modified with commercial military or combat sub-packages of any class (e.g., breeder, terminal or augmented) genetic modifications, and no other substantial non-baseline modifications. This term has no legal meaning, but in the Modified Marathons, there are strict limitations on non-combat modifications allowed in combat competitors.


Scientific discovery that started the genetic engineering revolution of the 2020s. Stands for clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats. Basically, CRISPR provided a low-cost and eventually reliable way to introduce genetic modifications into the DNA of any living thing, leading quickly to the treatment and cure of numerous genetic diseases. More.


A somewhat archaic and highly derogatory term referring to a hybrid or unification of biology and machines. All augmented-class technical modifications theoretically make people into cyborgs, but it’s not polite to point this out. More.


Forced or lost (e.g., unsubscribed) genetic modifications or technical modifications, somewhat or completely, socially equivalent to a financial loss or bankruptcy. The only group of human beings lower on the modified hierarchy than compliant naturals are the fully deoptimized (ignoring now illegal fodders). Suicide rates for the fully deoptimized exceed 75%, and in some countries approaches 100%, whereas some degree of short-term deoptimization is normal when the modified change packages and subscriptions–though wealthier modified tend to go on “vacation” during this process in order to hide temporary subabilities. See genetic subscriptions.


Refers to consensual or hacked access to a Personal Assistants or similar mechanisms in order to experience what the user experiences. There are two major types of dockers, those who watch what you’re doing, and those who fully experience everything as an immersive virtual world. Note that not all dockers use human hosts, and docking on machines, animals and drones is common in military and research work as well as entertainment. Unauthorized human docking is considered a felony, and is of course rampant. Docking that involves feedback or control of the host is less common but not unheard of, and a perennial security and privacy concern. See brainjacking.


Deoptimization or reduction in biological abilities, such as removing eyesight or hearing. Fodders, who (which) are only intelligent enough to obey basic commands, are most common example of intentional dysgenics. Opposed to eugenics. More.

Endurance Models

A non-legal designation for people with any genetic modification package that increases physical or intellectual endurance, usually referring to athletes or soldiers.


Generally refers to heritable traits that don’t depend on specific DNA or RNA coding or changes. More.


Any attempt to breed a “superior” class of human beings, this was a highly derogatory term until the advance of widespread genetic modifications made it synonymous with being modified. All breeder-class germline changes are basically eugenics, to the extent that these changes could be passed on to children if the genetic subscriber wasn’t sterilized. Opposed to dysgenics. More.


Banned class of genetic deoptimizations applied to human beings in order to create a relatively stupid, passive, compliant and disposable labor and combat class. Fodders are banned in most countries, which is one reason baseline test subjects are required for genetic research. See dysgenics and the modified hierarchy.

General AI

Usually written as artificial general intelligence, describes any artificial intelligence that has the same open-ended flexibility and cognitive abilities of the human mind (if not more). General AIs are illegal in most jurisdictions, though of course commonly used by governments for cyber warfare and other purposes. Synthetic Overwatch also uses GAIs to monitor synthetic behavior. More.

Genetic Discrimination

Discrimination on the basis of genetic abilities or subabilities. See the modified hierarchy and modifist. More.

Genetic Contagion

Any virus or vector that results in genetic modifications in the infected population. Universally illegal and monitored closely by Genetic Overwatch, one such mysterious virus led to the Chrome Wars. See GIP.

Genetic Jim Crow

Refers collectively to policies, regulations, laws and other structural efforts to disenfranchise naturals, many of which are clearly stated as objectives by the Ascension Party and related think tanks. This includes specific efforts to redefine naturals as sub-human or even non-human for the purposes of political participation and constitutional protections, similar to how the US Constitution originally defined Black slaves as three-fifths human. See Alvarez v. USNPS.

Genetic Overwatch (GO)

International regulatory and enforcement organization overseeing all forms of genetic modification and engineering, sibling to Synthetic Overwatch. Primary focus on prevention of genetic intellectual property (GIP) theft, non-consensual distribution of genetic vectors, and genetic contagions. Formed after the Chrome War virus led to the racial randomization of humanity.

Book Note: At the 29th Modified Marathons, Capt. Jessica Murphy is under contract with Genetic Overwatch to monitor the race due to unusual inclusion of naturals and baselines.


Term for genetic discrimination coined by Gattaca director Andrew Niccol around 1997. See modifism.

Genetic IP Vectors or Thieves (GIPs)

GIPs are any ability or person who can transmit or capture genetic information about any other person by touch or other biological or augmented mechanism. Involuntary transmission of a genetic or epigenetic trait from any entity a human being is considered a felony in most jurisdictions. Involuntary sampling or capture of genetic information is generally treated as a theft of intellectual property.

Genetic Modifications

Any modification or change to any genome, whether human or otherwise. Modifications generally fall into two categories, germline (heritable) and somatic (non-heritable), with far greater regulatory concern focused on germline modifications. While the vast majority of genetic subscriptions deal in somatic modifications, most companies still sterilize their customers to prevent accidental germline changes (and to protect their intellectual property). See Genetic Overwatch.

G-mods (Gmods, Gemods, Geemods)

Abbreviation for genetic modifications. Often contrasted with t-mods (technical modifications). All breeder and terminal-class modifications are g-mods, while (almost) all augmented-class modifications are t-mods.

Genetic Subscriptions

In order to generate recurring revenues and protect genetic intellectual property (GIP), almost all proprietary genetic modifications are offered via subscriptions rather than sold as one-time modifications. When subscriptions expire, all changes automatically revert and the customer (person, animal, etc.) is deoptimized or re-set back to their pre-subscription genomic state. This process can be long, painful and even lethal and is thus “not recommended” by most companies for obvious reasons. Changes that cannot be sold as long-term subscriptions (e.g., bone growth) are far, far more expensive.

The Modified Hierarchy

Modified Hierarchy v1

An effort to put all biological and non-biological sentient entities in a clear, ranked structure for social and legal reasons. The simple version is a pyramid with baselines on the bottom, then other breeders, followed by augmented and terminals, and on top the illusory transcendent. See modifism.

Human Equivalence Restricted (HER)

A broad classification for all androids and synthetics that are limited to human-equivalent abilities, intelligence, strength and so on. See Synthetic Overwatch.

Book Note: In Run Lab Rat Run, Coach is a HER synthetic.

Humans Need Not Apply (HNNA)

Slight misnomer meaning natural human beings are not welcome, though sometimes used more precisely by terminal-class modified to refer to anyone beneath them on the modified hierarchy. See Naturals Need Not Apply.

(Sexual) Leveling

A once-popular but always controversial set of breeder-class genetic modifications that were intended to reduce incidences of sexual violence. Modifications included reduced male sex drive, multiple male orgasms, and many other changes (some bizarre and even fatal).

Book Note: These are largely out of fashion and sometimes illegal by the time of Media Conaill’s first Modified Marathons, though Media’s mother was once a subscriber.

The (Synthetic) Mark

There are several national and international standards requiring clearly visible markings on synthetics to identify them as non-human. The most common, the North American standard and Synthetic Overwatch default, is a 360-degree neck ring or necklace. This particular mark type makes synthetics visually obvious and also indicates where the local disable port is on all animal and humanoid synthetics (usually on the back of the neck where you’d find Personal Assistant data ports on modified humans).


Portmanteau of miniature and unicorns, just one of many bad or at least poorly thought out genetic engineering ideas. This one nearly bankrupted TrumaniTech, and helped elevate Dr. Victor Adams to Chairman and CEO. See bearitos.

Historical Note: Full-sized unicorns were first created by Nomanity in the mid twenty-first century, initially true to the pure, peaceful and generally white form of pan-European mythology. While they were at first embraced symbolically by the LGBTQ+ community, Nomanity quickly released a second-generation model of the unicorns intended for military and police service, which rather tarnished the image of unicorns as innocent creatures.

Museum of Biological Optimization (MoBO)

Palm Springs museum of historical genetic modifications that also hosts runners of the Modified Marathons. The race starting line is between the two MoBO towers. MoBO is on the site of the original Palm Springs Art Museum.

Modified / Modification

Any person with a genetic modification other than genetic vaccines. Anyone not modified is referred to as natural. See the modified hierarchy.

Modified Marathons

Ultramarathon and obstacle race on Mt. San Jacinto just outside of Palm Springs, California, starting and finishing at MoBO. Naturals were not allowed in the race until the 29th running when TrumaniTech required their participation in exchange for substantial sponsorship considerations. Much of the naming and structure of the Marathons was inspired by the Barkley Marathons.

Modifism / Modifist

Refers to nominally inappropriate beliefs that the modified are intrinsically superior to naturals (more or less the equivalent of white supremacist). However, given that the modified are physically, mentally and legally superior, it’s rarely used by anyone but naturals or natsymps. See genoism.


The act or practice of mixing modifications from different sources, usually a derogatory term used by corporations to discourage use of (probably incompatible) third-party modifications. However, modmixing is considered trendy among the Terminal class, even when it results in unintended changes, illness or death.


Portmanteau of natural and the now archaic n-word, the most common and derisive slur for naturals. Use of the term is considered bigoted and modifist, but is common in private and political speech, and music. Unlike the n-word, nagger has not been claimed for internal use by naturals themselves, for whom it is almost always considered hate speech. See genoism.

Nagger Lover

Any modified in a romantic relationship with a natural, or anyone clearly sympathetic to their cause. While the term miscegenation is rarely applied to natural-modified marriages or interbreeding for obvious historical reasons, there are very few inter-class marriages and most are considered publicity stunts or pity relationships. See modifism and natsymp.

Non-Athletic Regular Person (NARP)

Term in common use on college campuses since the 20th century, generally applied to any non-athlete student or person.


Portmanteau of natural and sympathizer, refers to any modified not overtly hostile to or contemptuous of naturals. See modifism and nagger lover.


Plain old human beings without genetic modifications, including people that have nationally or internationally required genetic vaccinations–even though such vaccinations are technically modifications of the original human genome. See the modified hierarchy.

Naturals Need Not Apply (NNNA)

Term that appeared on signs in the middle of the 21st century once modifications were widespread, and then became a stamp of quality on goods produced or manufactured by modified- or machine-only labor. Sometimes abbreviated as 3NA. See Humans Need Not Apply.

Historical Note: See the film Humans Need Not Apply and earlier Irish Need Not Apply for origins of the terminology and historical context.


A TrumaniTech subsidiary, with a focus on animal modifications and genetic contagion. See the Chrome Wars.

Book Note: Nomanity was fauna sponsor of the 29th Modified Marathons. Dr. Kylera Braithwaite (Dr. K) came to TrumaniTech with the acquisition of Nomanity, bringing with her thousands of genetics patents.

PA Gape (PAG)

Tendency of many people to let their mouth hang open when engaged with their Personal Assistants. Considered crass or at least silly in most cultures, PAG is on the DSM-recognized spectrum of reality disengagement disabilities, some of which can be life-threatening.

Personal Assistants (PAs)

Refers to specialized AI and sensory implants most modified use in place of any other form of personal electronics. PAs usually have their own personalities, monitor the health and safety of their host, access all external information sources (including the contemporary equivalent of the internet), facilitate docking, and so on. Not having a PA is considered a sub-ability, at least socially.

Book Note: Media Conaill’s PA in Run Lab Rat Run, Alex, is a third-generation (3G) personal assistant.

PA Privacy, Access and Control (PAPAC)

Collection of laws and regulations related to the use and hacking of Personal Assistants and other personal information.

Personal Assistant Reality Augmentation (PARA)

The ability to use Personal Assistants to create a fully immersive virtual reality that is, for the user, indistinguishable from reality. Due to concerns about hacking, brainjacking, and the risks of prolonged detachment from the physical world, all second generation PAs include some visual indicator of virtual state at all times (often a small red dot somewhere in the visual field). See paragliding.


Being so lost in personal assistant reality augmentation (PARA) that you are unaware of material reality. Common usage includes, “I was just paragliding when I ran into something.” Paragliding is a major cause of death and injury with early personal assistant models, which lacked proximity protection and other controls.

Piss-Poor Protoplasm (PPP)

Twentieth century medical slur applied to sickly or inexplicably weak people, a term commonly used when a natural dies inexplicably or screws up. See definition on Urban Dictionary. Usage:

“That natural died? What Happened?”
“PPP, what else?”

Sex Models

People with sexual genetic modifications including increased sensitivity, greater breast and penis size, multiple orgasms, improved endurance and other more extreme changes such as the flehmen response to improve sensitivity to smell. Not a legal classification and generally derided, sexual packages were often adopted by relatively poor people (desperate naturals) due to being free or very low cost. See leveling and the modified hierarchy.

The Singularity

Theoretical point at which technology runs rampant and radically alters the world, humanity, and everything else. It already transpired a few years before the events in Run Lab Rat Run, but don’t tell anyone. More.

Spider Bots

Specific design of the dominant synthetic protection class, which are themselves managed and monitored by Synthetic Overwatch. Spider bots’ sole purpose is to protect humans from synthetics, androids and all other AI manifestations, though ironically they scare people more than most synthetics.


Refers to abilities absent in people lower on the modified hierarchy, as distinct from disabilities, which are considered natural flaws or genetic diseases. In modified society, every person is sub-able relative to those higher on the hierarchy, and super-able relative to those lower. Calling a sub-able (less modified) person disabled or implying a disability is considered rude, but remains common nonetheless. See modifism.

Synthetic Envy

Refers to a common human desire to be as “perfect” as synthetics, but also confusingly refers to the alleged envy synthetics have for humans (which should be human envy). Hey, it’s English. It’s a mess. See the Vitruvian Synthetic.

Synthetic Overwatch (SO)

Sibling international organization to Genetic Overwatch, Synthetic Overwatch has legal and para-military rights to enforce international synthetic design, behavior, activity and interaction with humans. This includes monitoring personal assistants and preventing brainjacking. See spider bots.

Technical Modifications

Any machine or synthetic augmentation of a biological entity. See augmented.

Terminal (Class)

Strange term that refers to anyone with genetic modifications that aren’t breeder-class. Terminals consider themselves superior to breeders, especially baselines, and most are also augmented if they have the money. See the modified hierarchy.

Tiffany / Tiffanies

Increasingly common term for tiny floating entities, regardless of gender or appearance. As a result, the name Tiffany is increasingly rare, and is more often a derogatory term for shallow or fickle people

Tiny Floating Entities (TFEs)

Refers collectively to any humanoid or animal visual skin on a black hole drone or similar airborne object. In recent years, it’s become common to refer to all hovering entities as Tiffanies (based on TFEs). See tiny floating heads.

Tiny Floating Heads (TFHs)

Virtual holographic layers of human or animal heads projected by many black hole drones to give them more personality, for use as pets, etc. See tiny floating entities.


Abbreviation for technical modifications.


Highly varied collection of philosophies relating to the improvement of human cognitive and physical abilities, generally also including immortality. Many modified see themselves as either transhuman, or as more truly human than the naturals they regard as obsolete. See modifism and the modified hierarchy. More and fiction about.

TrumaniTech International (TTI)

Fourth largest biotechnology company in the world and parent company of Nomanity. Has the best-selling genetic baseline subscriptions for many years, during which Media Conaill from Run Lab Rat Run was the lead beta test subject, Also the lead sponsor of the 29th Modified Marathons.


Technically, any race longer than 26.2 miles, most of which do not include obstacles. The Modified Marathons is an unusual combination of ultra racing, obstacle racing and stage racing. For ultra-running specific terminology, go here.

Genetic Vaccines (UGVs)

Encompasses a broad collection of regional, international and sometimes global genetic vaccines (preventative genetic modifications) that are used to provide immunity to or cures for genetic disorders, and sometimes to “improve” naturals so that they can function in a world dominated by the modified. Often includes temporary or permanent sterilization. Frequently required for employment, travel or government benefits. See eugenics and modifism.

Vitruvian Synthetic

Common image or meme showing synthetics as the idealized person, in place of human beings. Reflective of a common belief that the goal of all modified should be to be as close to synthetic as possible, with transcendence representing the perfect blending of human, AI and machine. See transhuman.

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